Parking Officer (ANPR)

Big cities are facing big problem – car parking on the streets. So, parking attendants are really busy with checking whether cars are parked correctly, or it has been paid for the parking, or if cars are not standing to long in places where parking time is limited. Our created parking surveillance solution „Parking Officer“ helps to track of and monitor the car parking. The system easily integrates into mobile operators information systems, parking meters and payment terminals or internal systems of the companies.

„Parking Officer“ system is able to
  • make the „blacklist“
  • manage the „whitelist“ of users and groups
  • set the parking time of tolerance
  • prepare the fine, suspended for 24 hours
  • draw up a report automatically, on the basis of legislative acts
  • permits to pay for a parking at payment terminal without leaving a parking ticket inside the car window,
  • be integrated with bank systems and check intermediate payments
  • transmit the information to the accounting, work management and other systems.

All the information can be easily reviewed in our analytics module.

The system is based on PHP, MVC, ZEND, SOAP, RESTful, Android, ANPR, Selenium technologies.

This product now is integrated into the information system architecture of several clients and is constantly undergoing further improvement and maintenance. And it’s been implemented not only in the parking places on the streets, but also in the parking lots of shopping malls.