Information Systems Integration

Typically,  there is a large variety of information systems – document management system, an online shop, manufacturing facilities, work tasks management system, etc. Due to the fact that changes are an ongoing phenomenon in business, the change of processes is inevitable. So, we can carry out system integration, and create a new and more accurate business process management tools.

Technologies we use

  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Oracle SOA Suite (BPEL, WSM, ESB)
  • Microsoft BizTalk
  • PHP Zend Framework
  • PHP Symfony Framework
  • .NET
  • My SQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle DB
  • Selenium



Online store integration with accounting system

Accounts and orders of online store automatically fall into the accounting system. This allows to update the list of goods in accordance with the existing data in the warehouse and constantly keep the balance actualised. Photos and descriptions of goods are brought into one system from which will be taken later on.

Integration of business management systems with partners systems

Real time information of goods and services is provided to the partners systems directly. This allows them to make relevant offers for goods and services and quickly react to the changes.

Internal integration of business management systems, accounting systems, works accounting and intranet

Integrated systems provide relevant employees, work and task information. This allows to ensure smooth communication within the company and to speed up internal processes.