Information system development

A series of newest and most effective methodologies and processes we use to develop an information system. Therefore, applications we created extending performance of mo-bile devices more efficient and network connection flow.

We always start with the most important part – analysis and specification of your needs.
Since the project documentation and technical assignment are prepared, we start the creative process:

  • Designing IS architecture
  • Preparing detailed system specification
  • Creating and optimizing database models
  • Negotiating with contractors
  • Creating multi-layered information systems.

Areas of our expertise:

  • Solutions for lending system Solu-tions for system integration
  • Websites
  • Mobile applications
  • E-services
  • E-commerce
  • Parking services IS



E-signature – is a qualified signature you can sign from your mobile phone, identi-ty card or USB token. Solutions of e-signature are being implemented as in public sector as in the private equity. These solutions require not only a high technical level, but also knowledge in legal, internal and external processes.

With the e-signature you can sign legal electronic documents, log in internal as well as external systems. Therefore, this technology enables you to sign personal as well as business documents.
We are providing implementation and integration of e-signature, as well as con-sultation regarding projects, where following document formats are used: ADoc in Lithuania, EDoc in Latvia, DigiDoc in Estonia and PDF in EU.
Moreover, we consult about the use of mobile and stationary e-signature, Time Stamp Token and service agencies.

Business Management Systems (ERP)

We are creating systems, which help to computerize all business management processes. They help to facilitate stock management, improve efficiency of re-source employment, manage contacts and data and clarify the performance of the organization. Also, provides the analytics of business management systems.

Application software (application programs)

Application systems are design to perform a repeating activity, which is, usually, time and human resources consuming process. For example, an employee has regularly collect particular information, pass it on to the colleague, who, on hand this information, must prepare a report . Disadvantages: the employee must be always at the workplace, passing of the information becomes time-consuming. By making this process computerized, com-pany can save resources and concentrate to direct income bringing positions.